Improve the data quality and structure of your BIM models with the help of artificial intelligence

A digital assistant for designers, engineers, contractors, and facility managers working with Building Information Modeling (BIM). conAlpha runs real-time predictions and quality checks during the work with BIM models to improve data quality and structure by avoiding errors instantly in your work environment.

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Element Classification


A continual machine-learning-based feature to automatically find and assign multiple classifications to your elements at once. conAlpha Classification is the fastest way to classify elements of your BIM Model.

Supported public classification management systems:

  • Uniclass / OmniClass / MasterFormat/ UniFormat/ DIN 267/  DIN277/ BIM7AA

Send a request if you want to add your classification management system to conAlpha

Quality Checks in Real-Time

conAlpha runs real-time quality checks. If conAlpha detects a geometrical or alphanumerical issue in your model, you will receive an instant message. By accepting the message, conAlpha will automatically solve the issue in your model.


Quantity Take Off

Use the Quantity Take Off feature to list and extract all quantities based on your classified elements.


A new way to identify changes between old and new 3D models. The feature screening creates a 2D view to highlight changes of different model versions.



Product Informations

Find the right manufacture product for your elements and add product properties to your digital twin.

Connect with your BIM Software

conAlpha is an application which is connected to BIM tools like Revit.


Why conAlpha?

Collaboration is an essential component in BIM projects. In an iterative process, BIM models are created, checked, and exchanged between the project participants. The BIM models and their information quickly lose quality in the process since they are only selectively maintained, checked, and further used. The resulting flood of information can quickly become unmanageable. Another challenge is the different BIM requirements in projects and companies. Modeling according to a common standard in a BIM project often differs from project to project. Planners, construction companies, clients, and operators inevitably have to deal with different standards and, in addition, often have their standards that have to be taken into account. Most BIM models are not available according to a common standard with consistent structure and quality. For this reason, further use and analyses of the BIM models, e.g., with the help of machine learning, can hardly be realized.

conAlpha is a solution that runs real-time quality checks of the 3D elements and their information during the creation process. Users receive warnings, suggestions for improvement, and automated solutions from conAlpha to keep the quality and structure of the BIM models at a high level right from the start. The iterative and time-consuming model exchange with the BIM responsible parties in the project is thus significantly reduced. In addition, conAlpha uses machine learning to translate different standards and languages into a readable and usable form for you. Existing model information can thus often be used directly and does not have to be reproduced or translated to another standard.

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