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ConVoid Update 1.4.20

Aktualisiert: 22. Mai 2023

More efficiency in creating and coordinating Provision for Voids

Boost your productivity with the new ConVoid Update, featuring enhanced features, improvements, and increased stability and performance. Interdisciplinary design and coordination have never been more accessible.

Try out the latest version! What's new?

ConVoid is used by architects, engineers, contractors, and manufacturers to automatically create, exchange, and update Provision for Voids based on Revit and IFC models, saving valuable time.

New User Guide and Tutorials

We're excited to unveil our new user guide, complete with video tutorials, to help you explore all of ConVoid's features and to achieve results more quickly.

Revit 2024

ConVoid is now available for Revit 2024 and can seamlessly be integrated into your upcoming projects.

Enhanced Creation and Tracking Process

All ConVoid Revit Versions come with an enhanced automatic creation and tracking process for provisions for voids, resulting in increased stability, improved performance, and better outcomes.

Room and Grid Location

Automatically add room names, numbers, levels, and the grid location to the openings, with our new feature and parameters, which can be used and added at any time into your project.

Improved BCF and Approval Workflow

Users can now define the coordination base for the automatically created BIM Collaboration Format, offering more flexibility in exchanging BCFs with different coordinates. You can also define a shared folder for your snapshots, enabling simultaneous review by you and your colleagues.

Additionally, issue titles can now be enriched with opening parameters, allowing for the automatic creation of titles that include data from the openings.

Lastly, we've enhanced the BCF import and approval synchronization, providing a more streamlined coordination process and exchange with project participants.

Elevation of Openings

A new feature to the existing level feature has been added, allowing you to set the top, middle, and bottom elevation of openings, making it easier to place and modify openings manually.

Join Openings

When manually joining openings, your custom parameters will automatically be combined into a single parameter. Additionally, you can now automatically join openings after the creation process using the Join/Unjoin feature. This feature appears when you deselect all openings and click on Join/Unjoin, allowing you to define the maximum distance for joining openings of selected filters.


This update brings more enhancements, so be sure to review all release notes and install the latest version of ConVoid to increase efficiency.

Release Notes


  • ConVoid for Revit 2024

  • Enhancement: ConVoid Icons Displayed in Quick Access Toolbar

  • New Feature: Automatically add Room Names, Numbers and Levels to the Openings.

  • New Feature: Automatically add Grid Location to the Openings.


  • Enhancement: Improved Creation and Tracking Algorithm

  • Enhancement: Improved Auto Mode Calculation for Creating and Updating Openings and Recesses for MEP Services

  • Enhancement: Fine-Tuned Rounding for Metric Dimensions

  • Enhancement: Oversize Values Now Account for Rounding Up

  • Enhancement: Enhanced "Ignore Openings Smaller Than" Option

  • Enhancement: Enhanced Parameter Transfer for Duplicate Host Elements

  • Bug Fix: Selection of Base and Top Level in Parameter Transfer

  • Bug Fix: Corrected Occupancy Volume Calculation for Openings Penetrating Multiple Hosts

  • Minor Bug Fix: Conversion of Architectural Doors and Windows to Structural Openings Improved

​ConVoid Manager

  • Enhancement: Enhanced BCF Import Functionality

  • Enhancement: Optimized Approval Synchronization

  • Enhancement: Added *.bcf Import and Export to Existing *.bcfzip Format

  • New Feature: BCF Export Based on Coordination Base and IFCSITE

  • New Feature: Shared Folder for Snapshots

  • New Feature: Parameter values can be included in the title.

  • Enhancement: Improved compatibility with Solibri BCF Exchange.

  • Minor Bug Fix: Improved Filtering of Openings in Schedules Based on Parameters

  • Bug Fix: Refined Cut Feature Functionality

​Dimension Void:

  • Minor Bug Fix: Resolved NumberField Error Triggered by Pressing Enter

  • Enhancement: Fine-Tuned Rounding for Metric Dimensions

  • Enhancement: Oversize Values Now Account for Rounding Up

  • Minor Bug Fix: Improved Filtering of Openings in Schedules Based on Parameters

​Smart Tag:

  • Enhancement: Support of Structural Plans

  • Minor Bug Fix: Error when starting Smart Tag


  • New Feature: Set Elevation of Openings to Top, Middle, or Bottom


  • Enhancement: Merging Custom Parameters When Manually Joining Openings

  • New Feature: Automatic Joining of Openings after the Creation Process


  • Enhancement: Model Lines Now Included

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