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​Creating and coordinating openings has never been easier.

The leading solution for MEP, Structural Engineers, and Architects. Automated design and advanced coordination with BCF.
ConVoid supports all Revit and IFC models.

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Czech and Portuguese (Brazilian).

For Architects, Structural and MEP Engineers

ConVoid is an advanced solution that enables projects to create and update openings* with unparalleled precision. It enables projects to generate openings of any category from all Revit and IFC elements and linked models. You no longer need to worry about the compatibility of models, as ConVoid eliminates the need to consider model requirements. Automate your design process and simplify coordination with the BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) and Approval Synchronisation. Streamline design workflows and ensure that your team is always in sync.


  • Compatible with Autodesk Revit 2021 - 2025

  • Automatically Create and Update Openings

  • No Model Requirements to consider

  • Supports linked Revit and IFC Models

  • Supports all 3D Elements and Revit Categories

  • Converts IFC Provision for Voids to Revit

  • Tracks and logs all Changes

  • Simple Coordination and Approval Process

  • Collaboration via BCF Export and Import

FEATURES convoid

Creating Openings for MEP Services Using Linked Revit and IFC Models
Adopting Provisions for Voids Using Linked Revit and IFC Models
Converting Doors and Windows into Structural Openings
Updating and Tracking of Opening Changes
Creating and Updating Openings Based on All Revit Categories
Built-In Clash Detection
Advanced Revit Openings Families
Transferring Parameters to Enrich Openings with Information.
Oversize and Required Dimensions for Openings
Joining Openings at Set Distances
Excluding Elements from Creation and Update Processes
Smart Tagging of Openings
Plan Check
Coordinate and Approve Builders Work Openings

FEATUREs convoid manager

Coordinating and Approving Openings
Checking Distances Between Elements
Cutting Openings in Host Elements
Communication via Chat and Snapshots
Automated BCF Generation for Every Opening
BCF Export and Import to Collaborate via BCF Management Systems
Filtering and Sorting of Openings
Excel and CSV Export


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