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Revit® 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022


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Release: 25th October 2021




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Revit® 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022


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Release: 04th August 2021




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conVoid Project Sample for Architects, Structural- and MEP-Engineers.


Language: English

Release: 18th April 2021



Release Notes conVoid 1.2.5 (25th October 2021)


  • Enhancement: Connection of manually placed openings and reference elements optimized

  • Enhancement: conversion doors and windows into structural openings was optimized

  • Bug: Error message when activating Provision for Voids option was fixed

Release Notes conVoid 1.2.4 (01st October 2021)

conVoid Manager:​

  • Enhancement: Improved BCF workflow with BIMcollab


  • Enhancement: Higher reliability working with transformed linked models

  • Enhancement: Higher reliability in creating openings based on parallel Reference- and Host-Element

  • Enhancement: Working with Different Phases

  • New: New setting for Provision for Voids, for better communication between the responsible person who created the opening and the person who transfer the opening.

Release Notes conVoid 1.2.3 (06th September 2021)


  • Enhancement: Higher reliability working with transformed linked models

  • Enhancement: Increased reliability that dimensions and labels will persist when updating openings.

  • Bug: Error message when manually adjusting openings fixed.

  • Enhancement: Optimized algorithm for the creation of openings

Release Notes conVoid 1.2.1 (04th August 2021)


  • New: Automatic calculation of the elevation of the openings

  • Enhancement: Transfer and combine parameter values from different parameters in one opening parameter

  • Enhancement: The Parameter Mark can be selected in the Parameter Transfer settings

  • Bug: Exclude from conVoid Parameter is now working for openings

  • Bug: Void-ID will be consistent after transfers using an IFC Provision for Void Model

  • Bug: Issue by rounding up dimensions solved

  • Bug: Slab Recess are created reliably now

conVoid Manager:

  • Enhancement: Real-Time interaction between conVoid Manager and the selection of openings

  • Enhancement: Auto Update of opening parameters in conVoid Manager

conVoid Families:

  • Update: Elevation Parameters are added

  • Update: Depth of openings can be displayed in the annotation tag


Release Notes conVoid 1.2.0 (25th June 2021)


  • Most stable conVoid Version

  • New Feature Smart Tag Beta Version

conVoid Families:

  • Update Tag Familie


Release Notes conVoid 1.1.2 (27th May 2021)

conVoid Manager:​

  • Opening status is displayed correctly in the table after restart of the conVoid Manager

  • BCF Viewpoint is generated in Shared Coordinates


Release Notes conVoid 1.1.1 (20th May 2021)

conVoid Manager:​

  • Error during BCF import has been fixed

  • When changing the profile, the setting of the selected fields now remains

conVoid Families:

  • The German conVoid families now contain the correct abbreviations WD/DD/BD/WS/DS

  • Text in annotation family is now aligned upwards and not centered

  • The Opening ID parameter has been added to the annotation family

  • Displaying two opening types in the annotation family is now possible


  • Placing openings on curved and sloped surfaces has been optimized

  • Error with automatic binding from the shared parameter "Exclude conVoid" has been fixed

  • Clashes are now detected in linked models that are already cut with the host elements.

  • The conversion of doors and windows into structural openings has been optimized.

  • Recesses are now placed with the correct dimensions.