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conVoid for Autodesk®

Revit® 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022


English and Deutsch

Release: 06th September 2021




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conVoid Families for Autodesk®

Revit® 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022


English and Deutsch

Release: 04th August 2021




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conVoid Project Sample for Architects, Structural- and MEP-Engineers.


Language: English

Release: 18th April 2021



Release Notes conVoid 1.2.3 (06th September 2021)


  • Enhancement: Higher reliability working with transformed linked models

  • Enhancement: Increased reliability that dimensions and labels will persist when updating openings.

  • Bug: Error message when manually adjusting openings fixed.

  • Enhancement: Optimized algorithm for the creation of openings

Release Notes conVoid 1.2.1 (04th August 2021)


  • New: Automatic calculation of the elevation of the openings

  • Enhancement: Transfer and combine parameter values from different parameters in one opening parameter

  • Enhancement: The Parameter Mark can be selected in the Parameter Transfer settings

  • Bug: Exclude from conVoid Parameter is now working for openings

  • Bug: Void-ID will be consistent after transfers using an IFC Provision for Void Model

  • Bug: Issue by rounding up dimensions solved

  • Bug: Slab Recess are created reliably now

conVoid Manager:

  • Enhancement: Real-Time interaction between conVoid Manager and the selection of openings

  • Enhancement: Auto Update of opening parameters in conVoid Manager

conVoid Families:

  • Update: Elevation Parameters are added

  • Update: Depth of openings can be displayed in the annotation tag


Release Notes conVoid 1.2.0 (25th June 2021)


  • Most stable conVoid Version

  • New Feature Smart Tag Beta Version

conVoid Families:

  • Update Tag Familie


Release Notes conVoid 1.1.2 (27th May 2021)

conVoid Manager:​

  • Opening status is displayed correctly in the table after restart of the conVoid Manager

  • BCF Viewpoint is generated in Shared Coordinates


Release Notes conVoid 1.1.1 (20th May 2021)

conVoid Manager:​

  • Error during BCF import has been fixed

  • When changing the profile, the setting of the selected fields now remains

conVoid Families:

  • The German conVoid families now contain the correct abbreviations WD/DD/BD/WS/DS

  • Text in annotation family is now aligned upwards and not centered

  • The Opening ID parameter has been added to the annotation family

  • Displaying two opening types in the annotation family is now possible


  • Placing openings on curved and sloped surfaces has been optimized

  • Error with automatic binding from the shared parameter "Exclude conVoid" has been fixed

  • Clashes are now detected in linked models that are already cut with the host elements.

  • The conversion of doors and windows into structural openings has been optimized.

  • Recesses are now placed with the correct dimensions.