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Licenses and pricing

Unlock the full potential in creating and coordinating builders work openings.

Up to 20% Discount

Free Trial

For beginners who want to test the full scope of conVoid.


14-days trial

Free Trial

  • 14-days license

  • Access to all features

Single User

For experts in creating and coordinating builders' work openings.

480 EUR

per License - 1 Year

Total 480 EUR

Single User License

  • 365-days license

  • Machine locked license

  • One license per machine.

  • Recommended when meant to be used on one machine.

  • One key per license.

Multi User

For companies that need the full flexibility of conVoid.

720 EUR

per License - 1 Year

Total 720 EUR

Floating License

  • 365-days license

  • The license covers multiple machines.

  • One license per same-time user.

  • Recommended when meant to be used by several machines.

  • One key for all licenses.


Web-based License Manager (optional)

  • Get Usage Insights​

  • Release Licenses

  • Borrow Licenses

  • Block Machines

Extend and renew your license

Do you want to add more licenses to your existing one or renew your license? Continue here and update your license in less than five minutes.

Team & Project Training

Accelerate your team's efficiency by onboarding to ConVoid swiftly and smoothly. We provide bespoke training programs tailored to meet your unique needs.

Training Details

Target Disciplines: MEP Engineers, Architects, Structural Engineers, BIM Coordinators

Duration: 4 hours

Language: Conducted in English

Location: Online (Virtual)

Date: To be determined (TBD)

1200 EUR

If you have a preferred date for the training, please let us know while booking and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


Frequently asked questions

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What is included in Standard support plan?
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What if I have more questions?
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