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ConVoid Update 1.4.40

Create and Manage Builders Work Openings

Now Better Than Ever!

Dive into an enhanced experience with the latest ConVoid update, now offering improved performance, stability, and workflows. Whether you're new to ConVoid or have been with us since the beginning, this release offers over 50 enhancements to boost your work on creating and managing builder's work openings.

Extended 14-Day Trial Period What's new?

With numerous enhancements now in place, we're thrilled to invite you to test ConVoid once again with a new 14-day trial period! If you haven't tried it before, now's the perfect opportunity to experience its many improvements.

Enhanced Unit Input Fields

Our latest update introduces improved unit input fields. Now, you can easily input formulas and seamlessly switch between metric and imperial units. Additionally, these input fields are now aligned with your Revit Unit settings.

Improved Assistance

Prioritizing user experience is our goal. We aim to ensure that you receive the best assistance and guidance at every step. To achieve this, we have integrated a variety of guidance methods based on best practices giving you better and faster outcomes.

Enhanced Creation and Tracking Process

With each version of ConVoid, enjoy a more streamlined process for automatically creating and tracking builders' work openings. This ensures greater stability, enhanced performance, and more favorable outcomes. If something affects performance or results, ConVoid will now provide an HTML report offering insights into what can be improved.

New Workflow to Align Openings

Providing you with the flexibility to modify openings according to your needs after automated creation is essential. Therefore, our goal is to offer you the most efficient workflows. We're introducing a new method for aligning openings. Simply click on [Align], select an opening, set its reference, and proceed. Finish by pressing [ESC].

Upgrades to ConVoid Manager

We've added new features to the ConVoid Manager. Now, you can run approvals on Structural Openings, quickly navigate to an opening in a 3D view by double-clicking its row, and even copy cell values.

Web-based License Manager

We're excited to officially introduce our web-based license manager. This tool provides administrators with insights into ConVoid license usage and empowers them to release licenses if a user inadvertently blocks one. Additionally, administrators can prevent certain machines from accessing the license. Users also have the option to borrow a license for an extended period, up to 7 days. If you wish to integrate this with your existing license, please contact us at New customers can choose to include this feature during their purchase.

In Conclusion

This release not only introduces a range of enhancements but also fixes various bugs. We encourage you to explore the full release notes and ensure you operate the latest ConVoid version for the best experience.

Release Notes


  • Enhancement: Newly designed ConVoid Ribbon Icons.

  • Enhancement: Added contextual help (F1) for ConVoid ribbon buttons.

  • Enhancement: The ConVoid input fields now adopt and accept the unit format set in Revit.

  • New Feature: Admins of the web-based license manager can now permit users to borrow a license for up to 7 days via the Conclass Info menu.


  • Enhancement: There's been a performance improvement in the analysis of openings.

  • Issue: Fixed a rare error related to geometric inconsistencies in an IFC

  • Change: When an opening is modified by ConVoid, its level constraint is preserved unless moved to a different level.

  • Enhancement: Improved the tracking algorithm.

  • Enhancement: Added the ability to transfer parameters to polygonal openings.

  • Enhancement: ConVoid remains open after saving the opening filter settings.

  • Issue: The option 'Ignore Openings Smaller Than' now works for vertical openings as expected.

  • Issue: Settings for vertical openings are now correctly exported to the XML.

  • Issue: Option "Include reference elements not visible in view" is now working as expected.

  • Enhancement: Improved reliability in creating openings based on IFC Cable Trays.

  • New Feature: ConVoid HTML Report - After analyzing the openings, you can now obtain a report with suggestions on how to enhance the performance and outcomes of ConVoid.

  • Enhancement: Optimized calculation within the Creation Scope.

  • Issue: Fixed an issue where the ProgressBar would fall into the background.

​ConVoid Manager

  • Enhancement: Improved BCF exchange compatibility with Solibri.

  • Enhancement: Improved functionality and usability of the Comment Field.

  • Enhancement: Enabled simultaneous creation and deletion of snapshots for multiple openings.

  • Issue: Comments are now correctly sorted after a BCF import.

  • New Feature: Double-clicking an opening in the table sets a 3D Selection Box and navigates you to the opening in a 3D View.

  • Enhancement: Enhanced filtering and sorting capabilities, including sorting by level.

  • New Feature: Structural openings are now displayed in the table and can be approved.

  • New Feature: Introduced a right-click option to copy table values.

  • Issue: Resolved a rare error occurring when applying filter and sorting conditions to the table.

​Dimension Void:

  • Change: The Oversize Value of the sides will now be applied equally to both left and right. Previously: Value 50mm resulted in 25mm left and 25mm right. Now: Value 50mm results in 50mm left and 50mm right.

  • Enhancement: Enhanced filtering and sorting capabilities, including sorting by level.

  • Issue: Resolved the issue causing the progress bar to freeze.

  • Issue: Resolved a rare error occurring when applying filter and sorting conditions to the table.

​Smart Tag:

  • Enhancement: Prevents duplicate tags, if multiple elements are tagged with a single tag.

  • Issue: Resolved a bug in SmartTag when working with Revit 2023 and 2024 that occurred when starting the process.

  • Issue: Resolved a bug related to tagging linked models.


  • Enhancement: The active levels of the opening will be highlighted above and below the dropdown menus.

  • Enhancement: Users can now set the level and elevation of polygonal openings.


  • Change: New workflow for aligning openings: Click on [Align], select an opening, then select a reference. Press [ESC] to end the process.

  • Enhancement: Alignment now works correctly even when linked models have different coordinates from the main model.

Plan Check

  • Enhancement: Openings that are tagged with a multi/group tag are now being checked.

  • Enhancement: Added the ability to select multiple openings to set a new level.

  • Enhancement: Added a new column for Z-Coordinates of openings.

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