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ConVoid Release Notes 1.5.0

Updated: Apr 9

The Journey of ConVoid Continues!

ConVoid 1.5.0 has finally arrived! This major update is packed with exciting new features and improvements that enable faster and more accurate results when creating, updating, and coordinating builders' work openings.

14-Day Free Trial Period What's new?

Haven't had the chance to try ConVoid yet? Begin your journey now with a 14-day free trial.

Enhanced User Experience

We've refined the design and introduced several useful minor features to enhance the user experience. For instance, you can now uncheck all boxes with a right-click of the mouse.

Furthermore, the ConVoid buttons for modifying openings are now directly visible in the Revit 'Modify' tab.

Placement of Dimensions and Section Views

This update introduces a fantastic new feature for automatically placing dimensions and section views. Found in the ConVoid Ribbon tab, this feature allows you to select your references for dimension placement easily. For example, you can dimension an entire wall, including openings, intersecting walls, and MEP elements, with just one click. This feature also supports linked elements. Additionally, if you need to produce section views for walls, this can now be accomplished with a single click, allowing for the automatic placement and dimensioning of section views.

ConVoid for Revit 2025

With the new year, Revit 2025 has arrived, and ConVoid now supports this new version.

Enhanced Stability and Performance

With each version of ConVoid, enjoy a more streamlined process for automatically creating and tracking builders' work openings. This ensures greater stability, enhanced performance, and more favorable outcomes.

Pricing Update for ConVoid Licenses in Euros (€)

Over the years, we've expanded ConVoid's capabilities to meet our customers' needs through new features and enhancements.

As part of our commitment to providing high-quality services and continuous improvements, we are informing you about an upcoming adjustment in the pricing of our ConVoid licenses. This change, affecting pricing in Euros (€), is scheduled to take effect on May 11, 2024.

Since our last pricing update in January 2022, we've introduced a variety of new features and enhancements to ConVoid. These developments are designed to offer our users more value and significantly improve their experience. Additionally, we've experienced an increase in service costs, necessitating a reevaluation of our pricing structure.

New Pricing Details

To ensure transparency, here's a detailed look at the new pricing:

ConVoid Single-User License

Previously priced at 450 EUR(€) per year, the updated rate will be 480 EUR(€) per year

ConVoid Multi-User Floating License

Adjusting from 690 EUR(€) to 720 EUR(€) per year

ConVoid Multi-User Floating License including Web based License Manager

Adjusting from 870 EUR(€) to 900 EUR(€) per year

Other currencies (CHF, GBP, AUD, USD) will not be affected by this price change.

In Conclusion

This release introduces a range of enhancements and fixes various bugs. We encourage you to explore the full release notes and ensure you operate the latest ConVoid version for the best experience.

Release Notes


  • [New Feature] ConVoid for Revit 2025 is now supported.

  • [New Feature] Automatic Placement of Dimensions and Section Views.

  • [Enhancement] ConVoid Ribbon Buttons will now also appear in the Revit Modify Tab.

  • [Enhancement] The accuracy of room volume calculations has been improved. Should the initially calculated volume not encompass the entire space, ConVoid will now adjust the calculation point of the openings for a more accurate estimation. Furthermore, in cases where an architectural room is not detected, ConVoid will automatically search for a MEP space instead.

  • [Enhancement] Enhanced French User Interface.

  • [Enhancement] Minor User Experience Improvements.

  • [Removed Feature] ConVoid for Revit 2020 will no longer be supported.

  • [Removed Feature] Drilling Holes functionality has been removed.


  • [Enhancement] Improved creation and tracking process.

  • [Enhancement] Minor adjustment made to the tolerance settings for detecting round openings.

  • [Enhancement] Adjusted the tolerance levels for recess adoption.

  • [Enhancement] Enhanced Clash Detection Capabilities.

  • [Bug Fix] Corrected the issue where excluded openings were being altered unintentionally.

  • [Bug Fix] Resolved a minor error occurring during parameter transfer.

  • [Bug Fix] Resolved a minor issue related to importing project settings from .xml files.

​ConVoid Manager

  • [Enhancement] Updated Icons with New Design and User Experience Improvements.

  • [Enhancement] Added Right-Click Functionality to Deselect All Status Checkboxes.

  • [Enhancement] Implemented Sorting of the 'Mark' (Void-ID) Parameter by Numbers.

  • [Enhancement] Enhanced the Multi-Selection for Openings.

  • [Enhancement] Modified the Input Field for Specifying the Location of Shared Folders to Save Snapshots.

  • [Bug Fix] Resolved an issue that led to incorrect column arrangement.

  • [Bug Fix] Resolved an issue related to inconsistent DateTime formats.

  • [Bug Fix] Resolved an issue that occasionally prevented comments from displaying properly.

  • [Bug Fix] Corrected a minor error encountered when importing BCF files, caused by an invalid opening.

​Dimension Void:

  • [Enhancement] Performance Improvements.

  • [Enhancement] Updated Icons with a New Design.

  • [Bug Fix] Resolved an issue related to the rounding of dimensions of rectangular openings.

​Smart Tag:

  • [Enhancement] Enhanced the Placement of Tags.


  • [Enhancement] Minor adjustment of the tolerance.

  • [Enhancement] Performance Improvements.


  • [Enhancement] Enhanced Alignment Workflow.

  • [Enhancement] Round Openings Can Now Be Aligned.

  • [Enhancement] The Depth of Openings Can Now Be Aligned.

  • [Enhancement] Performance Improvements.

Plan Check

  • [Enhancement] Enhanced Multi- and Dropdown Selection.

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